About Us

Spearepet, since its inception in 2007, pioneered in developing range of packaging products based on PET. At a time when PET packaging is taking share from other polymers, Spearepet was the only company invested in cutting edge technology from Erema to make RPET sheets manufacturing. Today,Spearepet earned the credibility in PET packaging market servicing to several consumer giants with wide range of products.

In the process of continuous innovation, we have developed range of products pertaining to value chain of PET. The innovations include an additive to improve melt strength or intrinsic viscosity of recycled PET, an additive masterbatch for Slip& Antiblock and several engineering plastic compounds with extreme performance specifications. The innovations are the outcome of dreams of visionary and experienced entrepreneur Mr. Randeep Gampa, Managing Director of Spearepet Pvt Ltd.

Spearepet Pvt Ltd is equipped with excellent infrastructure, experienced professionals and great level of expertise to support small to large customers. We can provide end to end product solution to PET industry starting from recycled PET resin, additives for processing of recycled PET to value added engineering compounds. The Customer base includes consumer brands, Industrial OEMs and PET conversion industry in India and abroad.