Additive Masterbatches

With the vast experience of designing and manufacturing of variety of PET sheets, Spearepet has diversified into research and development of additive masterbatches and value added compounds of PET. Spearepet has developed and tested highly effective additive masterbatches and specialty PET compounds enabling the company to venture into new business verticals. Spearepet recommends its customers to test to believe the effectiveness of the products. Please get in touch or submit the sample request for a free sample.


Chain Extender / IV Enhancer Masterbatch (Spear CE-102)

PET polymer is highly sensitive to heat and moisture during processing. Every new processing cycle brings down the molecular weight or intrinsic viscosity of PET.
One of the cost effective and easy way of improving the viscosity and mechanical property of PET is by chain extension reaction during melt processing.
Spearepet has developed an highly effective chain extender product to use in recycled PET processing. A very small dosage (1-2%) of the masterbatch helps to increase the melt strength of the polymer which enables easy processing, uniformity and better mechanical properties.

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Guideline IV curve for spear CE-102 MB laoding in recycled PET
chain extenders

Slip & Antiblock Masterbatch (Spear SAB-101)

Spearpet’s Slip & Antiblock masterbatch helps PET films to wind and unwind faster, easy release and minimizes the risk of blocking. This also helps to easy de-molding or easy separation of thermoformed products of PET.
The advantages of Spear SAB 101 includes excellent retention of transparency and mechanical properties of pet and also the retention of sealability.

slip and antiblock